Day Trading - Risk vs Return

Day Trading - Risk vs Return
This course focuses on equity valuation and analysis, detailed coverage of the ever-changing equity trading environment and looks at historical market price action to predict future price movements and trends. It covers topics such as:

  • The different types of equity value (market value, book value, and intrinsic value) and the relationship between them
  • The processes, frameworks, and techniques that equity analysts use to provide a comprehensive profile of the nonfinancial factors that impact a stock’s valuation
  • The various measures that investors use when making decisions about equity securities
Learner Profile
  • Individual investors looking for an understanding of fundamental investment concepts
  • New recruits to the asset management industry
  • Portfolio and money managers looking for some refresher knowledge
  • Private banking/wealth management executives and client relationship managers
  • Non-client facing personnel requiring an understanding of the business they support
What's Included?
11 Chapters
1 Certification
All Levels
Desktop Friendly
+600 min of Training
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Day Trading Course Promise

Flexible Deadlines
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10 Hours to Complete
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Course Lessons

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