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Modern professional careers are built on a vast knowledge base that is continuously expanding, changing, and becoming more complex. CPE ensures that your knowledge is up-to-date and that you can continue to provide the highest quality of service and advice to your client.
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How to Obtain Your CPE

Though each licensed professional is ultimately responsible for accurate reporting of the number of CPE credits earned, Intuition Now helps you make this process more seamless for our learners.

We assist you with curated learning content, mapped it to skill and role requirements and creating certification exams to show an ongoing mastery of knowledge. To Ensure professional time is spent efficiently, we can also create adaptive testing and skill gap assessments.

Additional Support Available

Learner Transcripts
Most accreditations bodies accept the online tracking records provided by Intuition Now. Examples are CFA, IIA and CFP.
NASBA Content
A minority of accrediting bodies like NASBA, require Intuition to issue certificates or report on your behalf.
CPD/CPE Accreditation
Communication campaigns, around accreditations, include but not limited to: messaging, email campaigns, support material


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